ZAR 57 Welldeck

  • 2018

850 000 Kč bez DPH

Mám zájem o vůz

The ZAR 57 Well-Deck rose from the glorious ashes of the ZAR 57 Twin, the ancestor of all the ZARs. Fifteen years of experience are concentrated in this new model, which offers a well-deck with unusual space, functionality and usability.

Enhanced by numerous accessories such as very comfortable side pockets and about 160-liter fuel tank under the deck, preparation for an electric anchor winch and triple-function driver’s seat, the ZAR 57 Well-Deck has a new, very personal design that emphasizes and accompanies the thrust and dynamic equilibrium of its every element. As if that were not enough, the new 57 has a longer, higher-performance hull than its celebrated predecessor, the winner of many Italian races thanks precisely to its exceptional hull lines.


Length Overall: 5.92m

Length at Waterline: 5.05m

Beam: 2.50m

Max Draft: 0.84m

Max Displacement: 2,100 kg

Net min weight: 680 kg

Cat C


There Is a trailer coming with this Zar 57 well deck included in the price!

Make: Brender Up

lenght: 6 144cm

width: 1 910cm

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